I help you make more money and do better work. 

Creative companies need creative leaders who can drive change. But change is hard, and you might need help.

That's where I come in. I work with companies who need to change—change their culture, their process, and change their mindset to do to better work and increase revenue.

Organizations can’t change without strong leadership. Yes, you have lots of tools like process, systems, software. But without a clear vision that your leaders can articulate, implement, and keep intact through the inevitable resistance, the change won’t happen.

Creative companies aren’t machines. You can’t swap out cogs or replace them with other shiny new cogs. They’re more like organisms, a blend of complex systems that demand equilibrium. Forces for growth inevitably collide with forces that maintain balance, and without a clear understanding of the entire system, you can't see what’s impeding change. 

If you’re a creative, or if you manage creatives or make content, then you need a consultant who knows that world.


How it works

I work with leaders to chart and navigate change. I help my clients set clear, definable goals tied to revenue or other KPIs and develop the skills to reach those goals. Skills like: 

  • Leading through change and uncertainty.

  • Attracting, managing and mentoring a diverse team.

  • Solving conflict between groups or individual leaders.

  • Changing culture and increasing diversity.

I work closely with leaders, teams, and management to shift how an agency thinks, works, and creates so it can make more money and do better work.  

Please see my case studies for more information. 

Every company is different, and so each process is different, but generally I use some combination of these tools:

Map the Terrain: I talk to teams, managers, stakeholders, clients, and (sometimes) competitors to find out what’s really going on. Then I tell you the truth, with the identifying information taken away, about what the people who work for and with you really think.

Chart a Course: Once we understand the issues, we develop a plan. My engagements usually last at least six months and we plan the goals are and milestones on the way.

Train: Some teams and individuals need training in areas like managing and mentoring teams, conflict resolution, presentation, and negotiation to supplement their existing skills. I customize this training for each organization.

Confidential Coaching: I work individually with key leaders to reinforce and refine the critical skills that we identify as necessary. I usually work with at least three leaders at every agency, so we can work on individual growth as well as team dynamics.


What do my client have in common? 

My clients lead agencies, media companies, data analytics firms, production companies, and content creation companies. 

They all share certain challenges: 

  • They’re under increasing pressure to do more with less in a rapidly changing market.

  • They need better, more effective work and strong ROI. If they don't succeed quickly, then they will lose clients.

  • Their best people are in demand. If those people aren't motivated and engaged, then they’ll leave.

  • Their clients and their clients' consumers are a wide spectrum. They need an organization that’s diverse enough to make work that resonates with different communities.


Who is the best fit? 

You're ready to change. You understand what this requires and want to get it done. You want someone to tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.