About Stephanie Peirolo 

While I started as a journalist, the bulk of my career has been in sales and business development. I've sold advertising for all types of media and worked at a range of agencies as the new business lead and I've worked for and with tech and media start-ups. 

After a while, I realized that business development could only be consistently successful if the company was constantly evolving, so I got a Master's Degree in Transformational Leadership and moved into management. 

I have led new business at agencies including Razorfish (Seattle, Portland), Publicis West (Seattle), FCB (Seattle, San Francisco), McCann (Seattle). 

I've also been in leadership positions at a creative boutique and a production company, both of which experienced significant growth during my tenure. I was responsible for the often-boring stuff that keeps companies profitable and running smoothly, as well as managing teams. I have hands-on experience managing P&L, implementing major structural changes like new timekeeping and project management systems, hiring and retaining creative talent, mentoring women into positions of leadership, and increasing diversity. 


I have a BA from Stanford University and an MA in Transformational Leadership from Seattle University. 


My articles on women in leadership have appeared in The Drum and Adweek, where I am a regular contributor. I've published one novel, Radio Silence, and just finished a second.  My storytelling is featured in a new anthology from the Moth called All These Wonders, True Stories about Facing the Unknown, as well as Reader’s Digest.


I've been a panelist at conferences on diversity at the AAF (American Advertising Federation) of Western Washington and I've led sessions on Negotiation Skills for Women and People of Color at Tech Inclusion in Seattle and the 2017 3 Percent Conference in New York (see video below).

Negotiation Skills Training at the 3 Percent Conference 2017, New York