Coaching and Training

Confidential Leadership Coaching: Leadership coaching is always a key component of my work because if the leaders aren't changing and growing then the company won't either. 

I act as a consigliere to leaders of creative services companies. I have led creative services companies, I have been in the business for over 20 years, and I am well aware of the challenges they face. I believe that an effective professional coach must have a deep understanding of the industry in which her clients work, as well as some of the subtler cultural and social pressures that face women leaders.

I help clients set goals and problem solve within the specific contexts of their business. First, we do an in-depth initial assessment, including interviews with direct reports and management, plus a an in-person goal-setting meeting at your offices. Then we meet regularly (usually twice a month for 90 minutes) in person or on video conference for people outside of the Seattle market. I’m also available for ad hoc sessions since our business moves quickly and you can’t always wait until the next scheduled session to get feedback so you need an advisor who is available outside the 9-5. 

Team Coaching: Often one particular team in an agency is a trouble spot. I help resolve the conflicts between individuals within a department , between departments, or just help groups that need to evolve and grow. I establish clear goals with the leaders of both the agency and department, then audit the group. Then I work with the group’s leader to coach and train individuals within the group to increase performance – from building skills in junior staff to increasing management skills with senior staff. Often busy leaders and managers don’t have time to do the kind of in depth coaching required to bring their team to the next level. That’s where I can help.

Training: I offer training that is tailored to an agency's specific needs in

  • Leading through Change

  • Leadership Training for Women

  • Effectively Managing a Team - Management 101

  • Conflict at Work

  • Presentation and Negotiation skills. I also offer negotiation and presentation training specifically tailored to women

  • Team Sales Training:Changing the Narrative. Working with sales teams who are shifting how or what they sell.

What’s your story?  

I work with clients to develop their story. What’s your elevator pitch? What’s the compelling narrative you and your team tell others to get them to work with you, hire you and become advocates? How do you get everyone to tell the same story in a way that is still authentic to them? How is your story changing?

Equity Audit 

Employees are often afraid to tell leaders the difficult truths about a culture. When agencies want to make sure they support women and people of color, sometimes they need help from an outside observer.

My Equity Audit is designed to give leadership an understanding of what challenges they face while creating a safe environment for everyone to speak. Elements may include:

·      Pay Equity Assessment:  I review compensation to determine if there is pay equity and, if not, to develop a plan to get there.

·      Hiring Review: Who have you hired? How are they hired? You have valuable data that is often overlooked, and I review the stats on new hires, promotions, information from exit interviews and other HR data.

·      Office Hours: Acting as an outside ombudswomen,  I meet with employees off-site or virtually to gather information about the challenges they face and the changes they’d like to see. Issues of sexual harassment and discrimination that people might be afraid to bring to management or HR can be safely aired here. Participation is voluntary and all information is kept entirely confidential. I report back to leadership on the areas where improvement is needed, while shielding the identities of people who have spoken up.

·      360: If needed, I interview key stakeholders to assess the culture and barriers to success, again keeping strict confidentiality.

·      Work session and recommendations: In a work session with leadership we review the findings and make a specific plan of action. Ideally this will include goals for hiring, training, promotion and retention of women and people of color. These should be part of every agency’s annual plan, with regular reviews. Accusations of sexual harassment or discrimination can also be addressed. Sometimes systemic changes are needed, like a change to the policy of demanding NDA's in settlements, or adding policies that protect  whistleblowers.